Vancouver Real Estate Photography Services

I offer real estate photography services for Metro Vancouver and the Lower Fraser Valley. Services include still photography, 360 Panoramas and virtual tour presentation in an interactive media player.

My Approach

Many real estate photography providers take a large number of photos, opting for a “spray and pray” approach. My method is different. I carefully consider the best camera angle for each picture. By spending more time per photo I am able to deliver more consistent, high quality results. I don’t make a comprehensive record of the property. Instead, my goal is to show the selling features of the house, townhouse or apartment.

White Rock Vancouver Real Estate Photography

I chose the best camera position and height for each shot to entice potential buyers to come to view your listing.

Unfurnished spaces pose a special challenge. Without the scale reference of furniture, rooms tend to look smaller than they really are. I find that using a lower camera angle helps to counteract this effect.

condo West Vancouver real estate Vancouver Real Estate Photography

Using a lower camera angle gives a better sense of the size of unfurnished spaces.

Window Views

My exposure blending technique gives soft, natural light while avoiding too-dark shadows and blown out highlights. Important window views are preserved.

sitting room Vancouver Real Estate Photography

The natural light and shadows of the room are preserved, while maintaining the view of the outside.

Elevated Photography

My still photography services include an elevated front shot of the property using an extendable pole, allowing a camera height of 20 ft.

Surrey Elevated Vancouver Real Estate Photography

Elevated shot taken with 20 ft pole.

Rental Unit Photography

Professional photography helps to assure potential renters that it’s worth their while to come and look at your rental.

Vancouver Real Estate Photography Rental

Professional photography gives viewers a good sense of the size and layout of your rental.

Virtual Tours

My real estate virtual tours display in a single interface that seamlessly displays still pictures and 360 panoramas. Viewers don’t need to switch back and forth between still photos and panoramas. Click on the image below to open an example virtual tour (opens in a separate window).

real estate vancouver white rock virtual tour

The virtual tours player can also display video and floor plans. Scene by scene audio narration can also be added.

Areas Served

Gordon Waddington Photography serves Vancouver, West Vancouver, North Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster Richmond, Delta, Surrey, Langley, White Rock, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Maple Ridge, Mission and Abbotsford.