NOrth Vancouver Swimming Pool
Swimming Pool Photography

As we are in the middle of January, we thought it would be a nice change of pace to think about warmer times and look back at some swimming pool photography that we did a few months ago for Langley, BC based Vantage Pools and Spas. Have a look at their website for some great ideas for the coming year. Now’s the time to start planning!

Port Moody Swimming Pool Twilight

This picture was taken with the camera on the edge of the pool deck to allow the viewer to imagine being in the pool.

All of the pools have an installed lighting system that allows changing the light colour between white, red, green, blue and purple, using a remote.

Vancouver Swimming Pool Photography

For this photo, we waited until after the sun went down to emphasize the pool lighting.

North Vancouver Swimming Pool Twilight

No extra lighting was used here – just the beautiful lighting on the house and around the pool!