Dynamic Hospitality Photography in Vancouver
Dynamic Hospitality Photography in Action

Earlier this year I did a photo shoot at Ten Ten Tapas, a restaurant on Vancouver’s False Creek across from Granville Island. We thought it would be nice to show some of the staff in the pictures. Check out this dynamic HDR hospitality photography in action!

The final picture is actually a combination of two images. The background was created using an 5 exposures captured at different exposures using ambient light


which where then merged in Photomatix software.

Hospitality photography of a Vancouver Restaurant

Keeping the camera (on a tripod) in exactly the same position, we photographed the bartender pouring a drink using flash photography.

Photographing a bartender pouring a drink - lighting the bartender

Then we combined the two and made a few final edits.

Dynamic HDR Hospitality photography of a Vancouver Restaurant

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