High Dynamic Range Photography Services

The dynamic range is the ratio of the brightest to the darkest part of a scene. The human eye can adjust to differing brightness as the viewer looks at different areas, while a camera has to record all the information at once. In practice, photographing high contrast scenes using a single exposure,  indoors or out, will give you blown out (completely white) highlights, black shadows, or both, even when using the best exposure. With Gordon Waddington Photography’s high dynamic range process, detail is preserved in both the brightest highlights and the darkest shadows.

Single Shot Exposure vs Gordon Waddington Photography (GWP) HDR Image

window non-HDRwindow HDR

The typical issues involving an interior shot with a window view: in the single exposure, much of the outside detail has been lost, while the interior is too dark. The GWP image captures the experience of sitting at a window table and looking out at the view.

104 dining table single exposure104 dining table HDR

Here the single exposure is OK for the brighter elements, but detail is missing in the shadows. The GWP image is well lit throughout, while retaining the subtleties of the existing lighting.


Some of the foreground elements in the single exposure are too dark, but most of the image is overexposed, and the window view has been completely lost. The GWP image reveals the trees outside, and shows the actual interior colour scheme.


The single exposure has an overexposed sky and pool deck area, while having dark shadows. It doesn’t effectively convey the scene as the human eye would see it. The GWP image has a pleasing balance of shadows, midtones and highlights. The single exposure requires the viewer to imagine the full beauty of the setting; the GWP image shows it.