About Gordon

I took the long way around  to becoming a professional photographer. I studied engineering in University, and later 3D animation. I ended up working at Electronic Arts in Burnaby, BC doing motion capture, working on most of the games that EA made at that time.

I moved to Ontario, where I worked in 3D scanning and reverse engineering (contrary to popular opinion, reverse engineering isn’t usually about copying someone else’s design – it’s more about making a computer model of something that has been hand-worked). Most projects weren’t very exciting – lots of stamping dies and the like, but occasionally there was something out of the ordinary, like scanning 300 year old Stadivarius violins. On some projects I used a photogrammetry system (using photography to make precise 3D measurements).

When I moved back to BC to be closer to my family, I looked around for a new challenge (the 3D scanning market is limited by the relatively low manufacturing activity here). I’d worked with elements of photography before (motion capture and photogrammetry), had studied composition and lighting in my animation studies,  and had worked in a small business environment. I decided to take the plunge and start my own photography company.

My focus has always been on quality first – first get good, then get fast.

“As a Real Estate Agent in a busy market with clients who needed to be moved YESTERDAY, I called Gordon Waddington very last minute and asked him to do photography that same evening for a home that needed to be sold by the weekend. He rearranged his schedule and accommodated ours with no headache at all. My clients said that he was fast, efficient and charming and it was clear that he knew what he was doing. Gordon had the edited photo proofs to me by the next day and they were great! My clients were beyond pleased when I showed them how the photos turned out and they were shocked to see their family home portrayed in such a beautiful light. They said, “He knows what he’s doing! These photos look like they belong in a Luxury Real Estate Magazine!” The home sold in less than 5 days for over $20,000 over asking price and set a new benchmark price for that neighbourhood. I would recommend Gordon without reserve to anyone looking to market a listing and make an impact.”

Jessica Minks